How to boost productivity, revenue, and employee loyalty via automation

Like the personal jet pack, the fully automated, paperless office continues to be one of those hoped-for developments that haven’t quite arrived yet.


Millennials in particular report having little patience with tasks that could be eliminated, expedited or mobilized by available technology. According to a survey by Samanage, nearly 31% of millennials report that their company's technology and policies hurt their work productivity. Especially now when top talent is hard to find and retain, you might think of your company’s automated processes as an attractive employee benefit. If you haven’t already, consider spreading more cheer among your staff by automating these tasks:


Customer support 

In smaller companies, customer support is often relegated to whomever is available. A better approach is to set up a contact form on your website and route help requests to assigned individuals. As you build up your knowledge base of FAQs and answers, it can become a self-service hub for customers to solve their problems without consuming too much of your bandwidth.  


Marketing communications

Using marketing automation software, you can automate steps for generating leads and designating subsequent activities, such as sending follow-up emails.  


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Online forms

If your browser doesn’t have the capability to store and automatically input employee and company information, a number of more robust software solutions are available.


Backing up

Too many smaller companies still rely on their employees to back up their own data, and doing so is still among their favorite things put off for another day. Many affordable tools are available to automatically perform backups at regular intervals. Another popular option is to centralize your data on a cloud storage platform.


PC maintenance

Slow computer performance is a major source of employee disgruntlement, so optimization tasks like drive defragmentation and cookie purging should be performed routinely. You can schedule these procedures to run automatically on evenings and weekends.


The survey by Samanage found that the average worker spends about 520 hours or 65 8-hour workdays per year doing mundane tasks that could potentially be automated. What could your organization accomplish if that time were better spent?


At Concur, we’re doing our part by automating travel, expense, and invoice management. In addition to experiencing greater productivity, insight and cost savings, our customers tell us that by eliminating tedious data entry, filing and reporting tasks, our products also contribute to employee satisfaction and retention. Accounts Payable reps who no longer have to reconcile stacks of paper receipts or search through file cabinets to prepare for an audit are much more likely to whistle while they work—and less likely to move on to an employer who’s less progressive.


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