How to Book Your Hotel with the Concur Mobile App

In the past five years, mobile hotel booking has become beloved by business travelers and travel managers all over the world. However, few mobile apps provide hotel booking in a corporate travel context – including travel policies, preferred hotels and corporate discounts. That’s where the Concur mobile app steps in.

Sleep tight with Concur’s mobile app

The process is simple. If your company has Concur Travel, then the home screen of the Concur mobile app will feature a menu called “Book Travel”:

  • Tap on that menu to see an action sheet (on iPhone), which has an option to “Book Hotel.”
  • Select that option and you will be taken to a hotel search screen to enter the location and dates and search for hotels.
  • Hotel results that are sorted by your company’s preferred vendors. You will also see other information like the hotel’s star rating and distance from your desired location.
On the top right there is an option to view the hotels on a map. When you tap on a hotel property, you can view the property image, cancellation policy, phone numbers, addresses, maps and policy violations.

Simply pick a rate and hit “Reserve.” Book a standalone hotel or add a hotel to an existing air reservation. In addition to the iPhone, travelers can book hotels on Concur for mobile on iPad, Android and BlackBerry.

Why travel managers love it

One of the major challenges with managed travel is hotel leakage. More than 40 percent of hotel bookings are done outside company policy. In many cases, this is due to easy availability of travel content in consumer mobile applications such as Kayak, or Expedia.

Deploying Concur for mobile ensures that business travelers get the best hotel content (including preferred hotels) on their mobile device, as well as negotiated hotel discounts. It also ensures that employees stay within corporate policy. Other advantages of mobile travel and expense are receipt capture, timely expense report submission and quick approvals, which ensures the company has accurate visibility into employee T&E spend across the organization.


Why road warriors love it

Imagine you have a meeting in Dallas in the afternoon and then you have to fly to New York. Now imagine your plans change at the last minute and you are required to stay another night. With Concur mobile it is easy to find a hotel in Dallas or any other major city in the world and book it immediately, all within your corporate policy.

Booking hotels on mobile is easy for road warriors because of all the different options available like property images, amenities, addresses, distance, maps and rates. Another handy feature in Concur mobile is the ability to cancel a hotel reservation. It’s about simplicity, speed and policy compliance: the combination of those three things makes every business traveler’s job easier.

Road warriors and travel managers never know what may pop up and alter an itinerary in the blink of an eye. But a sudden change in plans doesn’t mean you can’t get a good night’s sleep. Booking a convenient, in-policy hotel is easier in sticky situations thanks to the Concur mobile app.

Ready to find the app and start using it yourself? Download it at the app store of your choice: iPhoneAndroid and BlackBerry.


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