How the Hotel Industry Is Wooing “Super Commuters”

If you’re commuting more than 90 miles to get to your day job, chances are you’re one of the new “super commuters,” a growing group of business travelers that’s attracting a lot of attention in the travel industry. New York University's Rudin Center for Transportation released a report last year that found super-commuters made up about 3% to 13% of the workforce in major U.S. cities. But their numbers have doubled, or even tripled, in the past 10 years.

These long haul road warriors are making the trek to the office thanks things like family obligations or a house that won’t sell. Most are making their home away from home in a hotel room. So how is the hotel industry responding to the influx of super commuters? With perks and a personal touch. USA Today broke down the top perquisites:

  • Starwood’s Element Hotels offer free breakfast with healthy options, evening receptions, bikes to borrow and electric vehicle charting stations.
  • AKA luxury residences offer a choice of room sizes and fully equipped kitchens. AKA also has Zip cars on-site and is willing to store belongings for returning guests such as toiletry kits.
  • Business Perks by Affinia offers 10% off the best available rate, free internet access, a dedicated account manager and more with a commitment of 25 nights a year.
  • Wolcott Hotel in New York offers discounts of 35% to 50% off nearby parking garages.
  • Four Points LAX has a 24-hour check-in/check-out program to accommodate those who need to come and go at any time of day or night.

Between toiletries, parking and even baked cookies, there are tangibles and intangibles that help super commuters go the distance. With more business travelers living and working in disparate places, some hotels are recognizing that a few extra benefits can make the marathon commutes a little easier.


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