How Mobile Technology Leads to Happier Employees and a Smarter Strategy

Mobile technology is the most effective way to make your employees productive. The less time employees spend searching for the right data or dealing with process, the more time they will spend directly impacting your company's bottom line. Think about it – a smartphone is always on, always connected, and full of useful apps that are being constantly updated.

A Happier Workforce

Smartphones and tablets have rapidly become the productivity tool of choice for employees. Nearly 90% of U.S. business travelers have a smartphone today, and the average smartphone has 41 apps on it! These devices are where your employees are spending an increasing amount of their workday. Providing your employees with a flexible mobility policy, such as Bring Your Own Device, and arming them with a rich set of mobile apps to help them get their job done, will not only make them more productive, it will make them much happier.

A Smart Strategy

Mobility is clearly where the future is headed. Let’s face it – if you don't have a comprehensive mobility strategy in place, you are behind. You can be sure that your competitors have one. Smartphones have outsold PCs and laptops for years now – it is the center of where your employees are spending time and being productive. Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said, "A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be." You need to arm your business in the same way. And in terms of technology, the puck is headed straight for smartphones and tablets.

A Competitive Advantage

Do you have a smart mobile app strategy for your business? No matter what your company does, mobility has a significant impact on just about every part of your business. It is increasingly where your prospects are looking for your goods and services. In just two years, analysts predict that more searches will be done on mobile devices than PCs. It's where customers want to find and access your services. It’s also where your employees want to get their jobs accomplished.

A comprehensive mobile strategy for your business – one that includes marketing, sales, and workforce productivity – can be the difference that sets you apart from your competition.

The Open Booking Strategy and Mobility

Concur’s Open Booking strategy has taken off because travelers are increasingly looking to alternative channels, and smartphones are one of the big drivers behind this trend. Travelers increasingly want to do everything from their mobile device, including booking their travel.

In 2012, nearly one in three business travelers with a smartphone booked at least one flight or one hotel via their phone. A few years ago that percentage was in the single digits, and just six years ago it was zero percent. Where will that number be in the next few years?

The bottom line is that travelers are increasingly using their phones to book travel, and a lot of those bookings are happening outside of traditional channels. Concur's vision with TripLink and the T&E Cloud is the bridge to the gap – let travelers use the apps that they love, but make sure the data gets to the company so they can know where their travelers are and ensure policy is enforced.

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