How Increased Visibility Can Help Cut T&E spend by 25%: Case Study

Last week, Concur sponsored a Webinar with titled Why Better Budgeting Begins With Better Management of Employees' Expenses. During the Webinar, Concur client Michael Ciaccio from Riskmetrics Group spoke about his experiences using Concur.

Prior to using Concur, Riskmetrics used a manual process to manage T&E. “Lack of financial control in an economy like this is not good,” Ciaccio said. “We had no idea who was spending what, when and why.”

With Concur, Riskmetrics now has insight into that information. Ciaccio reports finding great value in Concur® Intelligence, the on-demand solution that helps transform raw employee spend data into actionable insights. According to Ciaccio, Riskmetrics’ greater transparency into employee spend has allowed their finance team to push back on cost controls for T&E expenses and have access to data. In fact, he reports they’ve reduced T&E spend by 25 percent compared to what they budgeted for the year.

To learn more, watch the recorded Webinar.

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