How I fell in love with TripIt

In the past two months, two different parts of my life collided, and TripIt came to the rescue. I have been working with my friends here at Concur for a few years and know and love their expense management software and app. Indeed, I have used it to curb my own bad habit of having scores of little receipts floating around as I now simply snap a photo of them and toss them in the trash.

So I know Concur products well . . . or so I thought.

When TripIt joined the Concur tribe, I thought it was a cool tool and looked forward to when I might need it. I wasn’t sure when that would be, but I figured I would eventually get around to trying it out and using it. Knowing that Concur was behind it, I was confident that TripIt would be easy to use, whenever the day came that I needed it.

That day came a lot sooner than I anticipated.

I do a lot of public speaking about small business issues (keynotes, breakouts, what have you) as well as media appearances; travel that usually gets me on the road about once a month or so. Typically when I would plan a trip, I book my travel and print out my itineraries, and then put them in order. I make a copy for me, my wife, and my assistant: The reservation for the flight to Vegas goes on top, next comes the rental car, then the hotel reservation, then the flights home. This little rinky-dink system worked fine as long as the trips were spaced far enough apart.

And then the travel nightmare that was this fall hit. Every week, for 8 weeks, I was on the road. Two trips abroad, two cross-country to New York, and a couple shorter ones in between. Keeping track of all of this travel, and all of these various itineraries quickly became overwhelming.

And then it occurred to me. Duh! TripIt to the rescue.

I downloaded the app, signed up for the service, and was amazed at how easy and efficient the system was. All I had to do was forward my email itineraries to TripIt and before I knew it, I received back a completely customized, easy-to-read, info-packed document that listed my travel plans in order, along with suggested sites, weather information, and other useful tidbits. No more creating a dumb, multi-page confusing itinerary plan for me. My travel jumped into the 21st century in an instant.

So I guess now I am sort of like the guy who used to run those commercials for “Hair Club for Men” when he would say, “Not only am I the President, but I am also a customer.” So in a way, the same goes for me. Not only am I a blogger, but today I am also a TripIt customer, and a very happy – and impressed – one at that.

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