How Federal Agencies Can Jump the Enterprise Mobile App Hurdle

Increasing mobility in government operations and service delivery is critical to achieving a mobile-first government IT strategy. Although it’s not a new concept, it certainly is an IT strategy that many agencies have struggled with for some time now, as considerable achievements in citizen engagement are being deployed every day across the government.

Agencies like NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have a suite of mature apps for citizens to engage with them on services and educational content, but having a mobile-first government extends broader than just citizen engagements.

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In reality, extending a mobile-first strategy to employees can drive an increase in workforce performance and overall government operations. Now is the time for the federal government to adopt an enterprise-wide mobile strategy.


Do You have the Right Tools On the Go?

Smartphones are used by virtually every government employee. In fact, according to a recent public sector study by Frost and Sullivan, almost half of all government employees are in a remote location on a regular basis. In that same study, 55% of all government agencies allow employees to use their own personal mobile devices. The remaining 45% have issued mobile devices to some or all of their employees. When provided with the right tools, government employees experience higher job satisfaction rates, enabling them to make decisions faster, remain policy compliant, and have higher accuracy rates, all while on-the-go.

One such app that is helping civilian agency employees is the ConcurGov mobile app for federal government travel and expense management. The mobile app allows a government-wide mobile workforce to complete approximately 85% of any government traveler or approver’s needs on-the-go. Complex travel and unique vouchering scenarios are always handled best with a personal touch, but imagine your travelers submitting and approving authorizations within the app the same way as they would on a desktop – in near real-time.  Being able to create and edit vouchers on-the-go puts valuable time back into employee’s schedules and allows for better compliance outcomes. Imagine, your approvers are no longer bound by office hours and can often be seen approving authorizations and vouchers on the Metro, and during off-hours as needed. When employees have to make snap decisions while traveling, often times that’s when policy regulations are of least assurance.


Go Mobile with SAP Concur

Adopting enterprise mobility for travel and spend management – from bookings, vouchers, receipt capture and approval – anywhere, anytime is an efficient, compliant, and reliable tool for government agencies to have in their toolbox. ConcurGov mobile can accommodate those needs quickly and efficiently. Contact SAP Concur today to learn more.

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