How Embracing Technology Can Help Make You an Awesome Leader

Bringing on top talent is a perennial challenge for companies. Once hired, keeping that top talent is also incredibly important. An exceptional team leader can make all the difference in keeping employees productive and engaged.

A survey conducted by Forrester Research and SAP showed that organizations with engaged workers who are empowered to do their best work are also good for business, leading to:  

  • 4.3x increase in earnings per share  
  • 21% higher profitability  
  • 17% higher productivity 
  • 81% higher customer satisfaction 

5 Ways to Become an Awesome Manager

A free webinar led by management expert Lisbeth Claus


How to be an awesome manager

While being an awesome manager certainly isn’t easy, expert guidance can help you build your leadership skills.

Management expert Lisbeth Claus recently hosted a free SAP Concur webinar, Leading with Impact: 5 Ways to Become an Awesome Manager.

Professor Claus’ book Be(Come) an Awesome Manager (with Scott Baker and Peter Vermeulen) was recently featured among T&E industry experts' top books and podcasts. Danielle Monaghan, VP, Head of Global Talent Acquisition and Mobility at Uber, recommended the book, claiming it provides a solid foundation to grow your skills as a manager.

In the webinar, Claus shares several key tips you can put into action, including:

·       Strengthening your leadership skills relating to people, project management, and workplace processes

·       Developing a fluid learning mindset

·       Embracing technology to set yourself and your company up for success


Embracing technology for success

These days, leadership and technology go hand-in-hand. Claus’ tip on adopting new technologies to help your company and employees—and yourself—succeed is a strategy many companies will be putting to work as they rebuild and look toward recovery.

A survey completed in January 2021 by the SAP Concur organization and The Economist Group revealed the latest trends:

  • 89% of executives said implementing and deploying advanced technologies would be instrumental in building resilience.
  • Executives cited growth as their number-one goal, with cost control and spend visibility being central to their growth-related goals.
  • Nearly 90% executives said adopting new ways to increase speed and flexibility in managing their travel, expense, and invoice (TE&I) is critical for their organizations to stay profitable and continue to grow.

See how SAP Concur solutions can help your company embrace technology for success. More efficient processes can free your employees up to do their best work and help put managers in the “Awesome” category.

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