How Do Fusion and the Holiday Season Connect?

Registering for Fusion might not be on the top of your to-do list right now. After all, there is so much going on, what with the busiest expense time of the year; not to mention the holiday parties, the time off requests, and the ugly sweater contests.

You might not necessarily equate Fusion with the holiday season. But as the holidays are full of fun (well, for some of us), so is Fusion. It’s not just about networking and learning – and we have the video to prove it.


You might not have spotted an ugly sweater in that video, but you can see that the people who took the time off to come had a great time. Need to convince your boss that you should go? Here are five good reasons to get you there.


A few updates


Session titles are now available on our website. So attendees can start mapping out what types of content they want to learn about while at the event.

Clients can nominate themselves to speak. It gives clients an opportunity to share their best practices and successes they've seen with Concur with their peers. Oh, and a nice little perk - free registration. If you’d like to connect with other people attending Fusion, or get the latest updates and information, join our Facebook event page and start connecting and planning.

And almost like a little holiday gift, we’ve just extended early bird registration to January 15. So even if you can’t register now, at least add it to your to-do list for when you get back from winning that ugly sweater contest downstairs.

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