How Companies Are Changing Work As We Know It

Gone are the days where all employees clocked into headquarters and were pretty much found at their desks from 9 to 5. Today’s workplace is not connected by corridors, but by fiber optic; with today’s technology, workers don’t have to be in the same geographical location either. In fact, many of them might not even be employees, but contractors, freelancers and contingency workers. The modern company has learned to adapt to the idea that it’s cheaper, more efficient and a better class of employee is not necessarily within commuting distance to the company.

For example, it is important that the financial department is in the same building as engineering? With online accounting systems, these accountants could be across town – or halfway around the world. Or if there are eight accountants in the company, there could be working in eight different places. The technology is in place today to allow more efficiency than bringing them all together in the same location; they could be in a remote office or even working from home, just as long as they’re equipped to work remotely.

Companies that are able to shed the old way of thinking and allow for flexibility and mobility among its workforce are the ones who will continue to prosper. Planning of the corporate workspace is no longer focused on corner offices and shared facilities; it’s tearing down those old beliefs and putting emphasis on how to maximize productivity and lessen attrition, all while embracing the technology that allows employees to work as efficiently as possible.

There is a long list of benefits from adapting this philosophy. For example, real estate costs can be slashed, as less office space is needed. A higher caliber of employee can be retained, as the pool is virtually worldwide, not regional as it has been in the past. And it’s a tremendous benefit for the employee to be able to banish his or her commute, leading to more productivity and job satisfaction, allowing them to give their best for the company.



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