Personalized services that add value for your employees: how AirRefund fits in your traveler services portfolio

Business travelers are quite well versed on the subject of travel hassles. Stress, being away from home, long flights, dealing with disruptions while on the road… all of this adds up to business travel not being as enjoyable as we often hope it will be. What if you could provide your employees with an innovative service to reward their efforts or at least alleviate some of these frictions?  


(Business) Travel is about an experience

Call it bleisure or blurring… leisure travel has never more influential in the business travel sphere. Your employees have transposed their personal habits in their professional environment and have embraced new services. Consumerization is the new standard.


As a result, business traveler profiles have evolved tremendously. They are eager for personalization, value added services and assistance, and are social media and tech savvy. They have come to expect an experience closer to consumer standards as opposed to corporate standards. How can you deliver that while also keeping them compliant with your corporate travel policy?  


Provide your travelers with an innovative service…at no cost!

One way to start is by remembering that a business trip not only implies costs, it also has human aspects. Trip friction™, as travel industry thought leader Scott Gillespie names it, impacts your company in terms of productivity, and can also negatively impact your employee retention and your recruitment, as well as your (e)-reputation. You can begin to balance the constraints you enforce on your employeesby adopting a traveler centric approach whereby you offer value-added services for your travelers to keep them safe, happy and productive while on the road.


AirRefund is one example. Did you know that whether they are traveling for business or leisure, European travelers are personally eligible for compensation for flight disruptions?  Any outbound flights departing from Europe* and inbound flights to Europe via European airlines apply. We offer air claim management services to collect your business travelers’ compensations. This is a way to make your employees feel valued, and to support your Corporate Social Responsibility policy as you can encourage your employees to make good usage of any compensation by opting for donations (NGOs, foundations). It is a win/win approach, with no fees assessed unless a claim is successful.



 airrefund fits in your traveler services portfolio  


We are leading a new approach

AirRefund delivers innovative services for traveler satisfaction and is thrilled to join Concur’s ecosystem of services that help create the Perfect Trip, allowing travelers to focus on what matters most. With the Concur integration you can easily enable AirRefund for your employees. Once access to itinerary data is granted, our system will scan for trip disruptions and notify travelers when they are eligible for compensation. We’ll take care of the entire claim process and deliver the refund directly to the traveler. Visit the Concur App Center to learn more.


*37 countries: 28 EU countries + Switzerland, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Kosovo


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