How 3 High-Tech Companies Are Killing It with High-Tech Expense Management

Often the easiest way to evaluate a potential solution is to see how similar companies use the solution to solve real-world challenges. If you don’t have time (or a desire) to peer through comprehensive case studies, no worries, because we’ve got three concise examples you can skim through in less than three minutes. Here’s how three high-tech companies are killing it with high-tech expense management software.


Blue Chip Data Systems

Blue Chip Data Systems has been growing organically since 1992, with rapid growth in recent years. This growth called for more accuracy and control over the expense management process.

“We have enhanced our processes as we’ve grown,” says Alex Clemence, Finance Director at Blue Chip. “But sometimes it’s difficult to evolve efficiently and dynamically. Historically payroll, expenses and expense management had been very spreadsheet-based, with manual workflows, printouts, email approval and limited management information at the end.”

A cloud-based solution allowed Blue Chip Data Services to achieve compliance, integrate workflow and scale the solution for future needs. “We’re familiar with software as a service (SaaS) products and use them within other areas of our business,” says Alex. “Looking around the marketplace, Concur kept coming up as a leading SaaS solution. We could have developed our own internal solution, but what Concur has achieved is a) very rapid deployment and b) a finely-tuned awareness and integration of localised taxation standards and methodologies. The ease of integration was a big selling point for us.”


Lumension Security

As a global leader in technology security solutions with offices spanning the globe, Lumension Security needed an expense management solution that could meet the needs of its highly mobile workforce and extensive global travel demands. Lumension also required an expense tool capable of handling complex international requirements while also boosting global efficiency and visibility.

“We’re a forward-thinking global technology company,” says Susan Rossi, VP Worldwide Controller. “Every tool we employ internally has to meet the standards of excellence we demand of our own products and services. Concur never lets us down.”

Here are a few of Lumension’s high-tech expense management highlights:

  •  Employees have access to paperless filing, as well as visibility into expense report status and submission history. The increased efficiency in expense management has enabled a reallocation of resources
  • Customized travel content features approved vendors and the best corporate rates, meaning sales reps capture the best airfare deals and other savings with fast, electronic pre-trip approvals
  • Automated global expense reporting ensures compliance with international regulation and VAT recovery



Skype was experiencing rapid, large-scale international growth. So naturally, Skype needed a scalable expense management solution that could provide a consistent travel and expense experience for employees and partners.


Using high-tech expense management, Skype was able to automate the entire process with an intuitive, standard solution with built-in flexibility.


Skype’s employees also love the new high-tech approach to expenses. “It’s all about mobility at the moment,” says Skype’s Finance Operations Analyst, Rahel Tanavsuu. “The fact that they can use it wherever they are without having to depend on the other person…. They’re learning to love it.”

Ready to start your high-tech expense management success story? Get started here. Learn Why High-Tech Companies Need High-Tech Expense Management.

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