Hipmunk’s CEO looks back at their first year since acquisition

One year ago, Hipmunk announced our acquisition by Concur—a similar-minded company that wants to simplify travel planning.

I was excited to see what our teams could accomplish together, combining Concur’s industry-leading products and reach with Hipmunk’s innovation to bring a great consumer experience to even more frequent travelers.

This first year did not disappoint—but more on that later.

First, I’d like to revisit some promises I made at the time of the acquisition. We said Hipmunk wasn’t going anywhere; we haven’t and aren’t. We said we’d still be free for anyone that wants to use us; we are and will be. We promised to continue to innovate in all our products; we have, in spades.

As for business travelers in particular, Hipmunk first built a prototype chatbot that works with Concur Travel in Skype. We demoed it to thousands of customers in March and it was received amazingly well.

Then, three weeks ago, we launched Concur Hipmunk™, a lightweight travel and expense product built on top of Hipmunk, Concur Expense and TripLink technology. It’s aimed at small businesses that aren’t yet ready for a managed travel program, but will eventually grow to need one with a TMC partner and Concur Travel. In developing Concur Hipmunk™, we created the first full-featured business travel metasearch—one that brings together supplier discounts, a great comparison shopping experience, itinerary management via TripIt Pro and automatic expense integration.

No other solution searches airlines, trains, private jets, hotels, and vacation rentals and gets you discounts on your travel just by logging in. Concur Hipmunk™ also lets you see which options make sense for your schedule from your calendar before you book, and seamlessly integrates with the world’s leading expense solution: Concur Expense.

It's only because of the innovative DNA of Concur and Hipmunk that we identified a market need and then met it. We built on top of the years of work that we'd already done, and got it working—less than a year later—with ingenuity, innovation, collaboration, and hard work.

And none of that would be possible if it weren’t for the amazing relationship we have with Concur.

This past year has been a big one, and this is just the beginning. We’re continuing to make travel planning even less work. Stay tuned.

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