Highlights from Concur: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Who doesn’t love a reunion? It’s that chance to see people you haven’t seen in a while. To catch up and hear the latest. Which is exactly why we have the equivalent of a big family reunion each year. We call it Field Operations and it’s the time when we gather together annually—sales representatives, account managers, web developers and designers, program managers—and basically host a giant meeting to share the latest and greatest about what’s been happening in the company lately.

With Field Ops over, we wanted to take the opportunity to connect with our customers, too, and share some of our 2011 highlights that you might have missed:

New features and services like:

In other words, we’ve been busy. And by the end of the year, let’s just say that with the next wave of new product enhancements, you ain’t seen nothing yet. As we wrap up the year, we’ll continue to work as hard as ever to make the lives better for employees, business travelers, travel managers, accountants, and financial officers everywhere.

Did you see something on the above list that caught your eye? Contact either your sales representative or your account manager for more information. They’ve got all the information you’re looking for, fresh and ready to go. 

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