Higher Education Has Unique T&E Needs, Concur Can Help

Universities have special needs when it comes to travel and entertainment expenses. With so many different groups that travel, the details surrounding the needs of those groups and their specific policies can be overwhelming. Travel can be further complicated when it’s funded by a travel grant or through a special budget. They have faculty members traveling to conferences or on their sabbaticals. They have students heading to seminars and events. They have staff members heading off for fundraising events. From executives to guest speakers to coaches, higher education has a unique travel and expense situation.

So, what is a college or university to do? Ask IT (politely) to allocate time and resources on building something “better”? Then (really politely) ask them to provide ongoing support and updates? IT staff are highly capable (these are highly talented people, after all), but is the best use of their preciously limited resources to build a complex system to serve the ever-changing needs of T&E expense management? Most IT departments already have competing projects throughout their schools, and adding something like tracking and managing the T&E for the entire institution might just make their heads spin. And that’s not even factoring in eliminating the costs and resources to build, support and upgrade a customized solution.

T&E is built on compliance, policies, one-click expense reporting, receipt imaging, direct card feeds, complex approval workflow, reimbursements, mobile capabilities, and real-time reporting, for just a start. The list goes on and on. Concur knows how to help. We have years of experience helping organizations of all kinds—including some of the largest companies in the world—track, manage and report their travel and expenses. And we’re one of the leading providers for higher education, too. We have experts who know the issues and challenges surrounding T&E expense reporting in higher education and we work very closely with our higher education clients to ensure their unique needs are met.

Meeting those unique needs is something Pennsylvania State University knows about firsthand. Employees have over 25,000 account codes that they can travel under. They also needed the kind of flexibility that would integrate both state and federal controls. Jan Barnoff, Director of Financial Information Systems says, “Concur was the only solution that could provide the total functionality that the university needed.”

“Concur is one of the premier applications out there,” she says. “They maintain their system and watch what the industry is doing and make adjustments. There’s been a lot of development since we acquired Concur and they’ve remained innovative and continue to grow.”

From community colleges to art schools and trade schools to major research universities, the need for an effective and painless T&E program is universal. If you work for a higher education institution and would like more information about how Concur can help you, please contact one of our sales representatives.

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