Here for the Long Haul: Small Business Summit Wrap-up

Concur at the Small Business Summit
Abbie and Joe at the Small Business Summit in New York.
(Photo by Shashi Bellamkonda)

When the Concur Breeze team went to New York for the Small Business Summit, they found New York “perfect.” They “loved it.” The concrete jungle. The cabs. The pure energy of the place. It was intoxicating. Not only was the conference jam packed with small businesses learning from other small businesses, but there was never a dull moment.

The entrepreneurs we met at our booth were happy to see us there for our second year in a row (Concur Breeze launched in March 2010 and the Small Business Summit in New York was one of the first places we headed to meet people). This year we heard again and again the compliment, “Looks like you’re here for the long haul.” Absolutely.

While we were there, we learned a couple of things, one that wasn’t a surprise at all and the other that we thought we’d take a moment to clarify. The first, that entrepreneurs and small business people feel like they just don’t have enough time in their days. They feel strapped. Between managing a business and having a family, small business owners start their day before sunrise and often don’t end their day until long after the kids are asleep and the late night shows have ended. It makes us wish we could create a special small business clock with extra hours on it.

The second thing we learned was something really important: people think we compete with QuickBooks. In reality, though, we actually complement your accounting system, any accounting system; we’re not a replacement. Concur Breeze automates your expense reporting process by delivering online expense tracking, a live credit card feed, itemization, allocation and the ability to attach receipts seamlessly in one place for easy access and direct integration into QuickBooks. You’ll be able to facilitate all front end processing and eliminate inputting the manual key strokes into your accounting system (i.e. QuickBooks) with Concur Breeze.

Being a small business owner can feel a bit overwhelming, a little solitary, and oftentimes thankless. So we were quite surprised to have people thank us for supporting their small businesses when in reality we want to thank small businesses. You’re the ones following your passion, doing whatever it takes to get your dream off the ground, employing people in your community and helping local economies. We can’t say enough how much we admire your passion and commitment. Now, if only we could invent that clock….


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