Hello, happy employees

It’s all over the news these days: hiring and retaining the best employees is a big challenge right now. Outdated expense reporting doesn’t help – it’s slowing reimbursement, frustrating people and taking them away from their primary work. But online expense reporting can relieve those pains and, as we mentioned in our last post, make employees happier, more engaged and more likely to stay.


Employees know the pain

Research shows that employees know it’s a pain to save receipts, try to find them at the end of the month, fill out an Excel spreadsheet, and wait for weeks until all the ducks are in a row so the back office can cut them a reimbursement check. They know there’s an easier way to do expense reports, and are asking for it. They want more flexible travel and expense programs, the power to work from anywhere, and, more than anything, faster reimbursement.[1] The numbers from that study are telling – 54% of employees surveyed want quick expense reimbursements, and 17% explicitly want automated expense reporting.


The mobile edge

With mobile tools, you can easily satisfy these requests by empowering employees to spend less time dealing with expenses and more time doing their jobs. Take receipts for example. With an expense app, employees simply snap a photo of each receipt and upload it to the expense report. That means no more keeping track of paper or hoping those receipts make it all the way through the process. One Chief Financial Officer told Concur his company has reduced time spent processing expense reports by nearly 80 percent and that with the Concur Mobile solution: “…you virtually eliminate the problem of lost receipts.”


Faster, better, more compliant

In addition to being easier, automated expense reimbursement means employees get paid back much more quickly with an average 28% faster approval cycle time.[2]  You’re happy because employees follow your policy, and employees are happy because they have the tools to file expense reports and get reimbursed faster. Everybody wins.


It’s out there right now.

So the right expense system is automated and online. It uses the power of mobile to easily capture the information from paper receipts and add it to expense reports. It eliminates the errors and frustration that come with hours of entering numbers by hand onto spreadsheets. And automated expense reimbursement means employees get paid faster and are more satisfied.  It’s not science fiction – thousands of organizations of all sizes say hello to that every day, with Concur. If you’d like to learn more about how Concur can help a business like yours, read the concise eBook, “Welcome to the world of easy expense reporting.”


[1] Concur Technologies, Inc., “Grayling SME Study – Expense Management,” November 2014 [2] Aberdeen Group, “T&E Expense Management in a Mobile Age,” June 2010

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