Having a Ball: National Small Business Week Highlight on United States Tennis Association

This post is part of our National Small Business Week celebration series where we spotlight some of the small businesses around the U.S. and find out their productivity and efficiency tips. 

Today, during our celebration of National Small Business Week, we learn a bit more about Ed McCool, the United States Tennis Association’s Director of Finance, a non-profit organization with less than 500 employees. By working for the USTA, Ed supports his favorite sport on every level, from local communities to a national level. Learn how he has a ton of fun making a big difference in the world of tennis while staying productive and efficient.

1. The best business advice I’ve ever received is that developing strong business relationships are as important as what you know.

2. My favorite book to read during the summer is an action packed fictional crime thriller or college football preview magazines. 3. When I’m looking for ways to make my company more efficient, I turn to new technology such as Concur that can help us work smarter and use staff time more efficiently.

4. I work best when I’m under pressure. 5. I love what I do because I love sports and finance and my job combines both.

6. The greatest invention in the past 20 years that helps small businesses is advances in technology related to computers and Internet.

7. One piece of technology that I could not live without is my Smartphone.

8. I simplify my life by being organized.

9. If I could have one superpower, it would be to have superhuman speed.

10. One day I hope to sit on the 50-yard line watching the South Carolina Gamecocks win the National Championship.

ed mc-1

Thanks Ed for letting us get to know you a little better. You are definitely the Flash Gordon of efficiency when it comes to managing the USTA’s finances! Learn all about ways Concur can help your small business be more organized.

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