Harnessing the power of travel and entertainment data

In this paper, Acquis Consulting Group will shed light on the myth that accurate and robust travel and entertainment reporting and analytics is unattainable.We explore many of the business and technical challenges frequently cited by companies that may discourage them from investing in this area, and provide tips and proven approaches for success.


About the authors:

Jeff Berk has been a consultant with Acquis since 2007, and is one of Acquis’ leaders in Corporate Travel and Procurement. Having spent several years advising on T&E related functions, Jeff has a great deal of expertise around its systems, processes, policies, organization, reporting, and supplier sourcing.Regarded as Acquis’ T&E Policy “guru”, Jeff has assisted several companies in designing effective T&E policies and procedures that are both in line with best-practices as well as their unique company culture.



Joe has over 10 years of consulting experience specializing in corporate travel and systems implementations for global Fortune 500 companies. His technical capabilities and penchant for learning has provided value to his clients in industries ranging from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to education and consumer products.Prior to joining Acquis in 2010, Joe was a Senior Consultant for Accenture. He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics from Binghamton University, where he was also a School of Management adjunct, with a focus in Management Information Systems





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