Happy National Small Business Day!

We’re celebrating small businesses as a part of National Small Business Week. We’re thinking about our small business clients and highlighting them. As small businesses create 60-80% of new jobs in our country, we commend all small business owners for their hard work. Here’s to your success!

As a young and successful video production company, offering a unique on-demand solution to customers in multiple industries, Animoto is sold on the advantages and benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. As the company began to grow, there was no other time like the present to make the switch from paper to automation. This allowed Animoto to manage their expenses and save money, as Concur Breeze costs far less per month than hiring additional staff to process expense reports.

Company employees, who travel across the country and around the world, love the Concur Breeze iPhone application. While employees are out of the office, they can seamlessly and effortlessly manage their expenses from their smartphone. Together with Concur Breeze, the mobile functionality eliminates the need to keep track of paper receipts.

“The time savings is hugely important,” says Nathan Meagher, Animoto CFO. “Every expense is mapped to the right account from the credit card upload. I used to spend hours and hours coding. Now that happens automatically.”

In a dynamic start-up environment, it can be hard to manage the details. Concur Breeze lets Animoto stay on top of expenses with real-time visibility into every expense. Additional benefits include:

  • Concur Breeze saves Animoto’s CFO nearly one full workday every week in hours spent processing expenses.
  • Mobile features give Animoto employees the flexibility to record expenses effortlessly on the go.
  • Automatic upload from personal credit cards—from nearly any bank—speeds and streamlines the process, from receipt management through reimbursement.
  • Animoto tracks expenses with impeccable accuracy—everything from airfares to office supplies.
  • Concur provides Animoto with direct access to support anytime, anywhere.

“It’s the way I would have designed it, if I had built it myself,” says Meagher. “Concur Breeze is the only provider that offers precisely the solution we needed.”

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