Hands-On Product Training Happening at Fusion

With all the training videos, tablet tutorials and even “podcasts for dummies,” there’s one learning tool all the technology in the world lacks: a human touch.

At Fusion, we know not everyone learns our products at the same speed or style. That’s why we offer multiple product training sessions at Fusion – to show you how things work in real time, with real people at all experience levels.

“I want to make my session fun, quick and easy so that travelers don’t dread the fact their expense reports are due at the end of the month, and administrators feel empowered to use our system,” says Seth Miles, Concur training consultant and first-time Fusion presenter.



This year Miles is presenting four training sessions: tax administration, travel allowance (per diem), analysis (Concur Intelligence), and audit rules – advanced configuration.

“I like to give examples of configurations within the demo system for beginners, point out which controls people have in those areas. And then move into advanced examples so everyone can see how using different fields affect users,” Miles says. “Challenges can be frustrating and serious, so I’ll try to bring my own brand of humor to my sessions. There will be corny jokes!”

Not only do clients get to learn from Concur experts, but the sessions are designed to share out the expertise of your peers. Tasha O’Quinn-Osbourne, veteran Concur lead training consultant, leads her two sessions on invoice and analysis in an open lecture style.

“I research topics with the implementation staff to find out what’s trending up – usually things clients ask for extra help on like how to create an invoice request,” O’Quinn-Osbourne says. “The biggest thing this year is the reporting tool – how to use it and how to analyze it. So that’s a new focus for Fusion 2012.”

Another focus our trainers recommend? Learning from your peers. Because so many travel industry professionals attend Fusion, clients have an opportunity to network with people who have the same challenges you do, and the experience to work through them.

“The neat thing about Fusion is all these knowledge levels intersect in the product training sessions,” says Grant Chase, Concur senior training consultant who is leading Business Intelligence, mobile and audit rules sessions this year, his fifth at Fusion.



“I’ve been doing this a long time, but when it happens I don’t know the answer, it’s pretty often a hand goes up from somebody who does. You can’t get that on the phone or Internet – it’s that human connection that makes Fusion so special,” says Chase.

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