A Great Time for Small Businesses to Give Thanks

With the Thanksgiving holiday just ending, I am reminded that small businesses have much to be thankful for this time of year, such as, in no particular order… Being in business: At a time when not a few small businesses have gone out of business (just look at the empty storefronts and vacancy rates in your area to see examples) the fact that your business is still in business is a huge thing. Of course times are tough and business is more difficult than it used to be, but that said, the fact that you still have a business to go to, one that makes money, pays the bills, employs people (or not), and strives to do right is no small thing.

Great employees: Small businesses are sometimes more like a family than a business, and that makes working for a small business both a wonderful, and at times infuriating, thing. But for the small business owner, having people around who help us live the dream and who are committed to the cause is reason to give thanks. Employees are on the front lines of any business and remembering all they do, and being thankful for that, is and should be at the top of any small business owner’s thankfulness list every year.

Loyal customers: It is difficult to say whether employees or customers are more important in the long run. Of course customers keep us in business, but then again, so do employees. That said, at a time when customer loyalty is not what it once was, when customers often value price over service, that you have loyal customers is a blessing.

Count your blessings.

Your family: Whether or not the small business owner is married or otherwise in a committed relationship, the fact is, they could not do what they do without the love, encouragement, and support of the loved ones around them. So we are also especially thankful for our friends and spouses and children who give us the wide berth necessary to carry out our entrepreneurial visions.

This great country: I just heard a statistic that more overseas entrepreneurs still choose to move to and start their businesses in America than any other country. Why? You know why. Because we have an incredible entrepreneurial climate and history. Because we welcome people from all nationalities. Because the American Dream applies to us all equally – indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Corny, but we still strive to make it true. Because hard work and a good idea can still take you far here.

The whole enchilada: Owning a small business is no easy thing, especially today, but the vast majority of all small business owners would do nothing else. We are privileged to get to do what we do, to make mistakes, to fail, to succeed, and to keep moving the ball forward.

We are thankful for it all.


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