Google Maps makes mileage tracking easy

Reduce self-reported mileage with our new automatic distance capture tool.


Mileage tracking is a hot topic around here. We suspect that it has something to do with the changing costs of gas. We also suspect it has more to do with the fact that people are always on the lookout for ways to recoup their money spent traveling for work and get it quickly back into their checking accounts. Salespeople, account representatives, real estate agents, people whose jobs are primarily spent on the road—you know what we’re talking about. Having something that helps you get reimbursed quickly and accurately would be pretty handy, wouldn’t it? Especially in today’s economy.


That’s why we thought we’d re-shine a light on the integration between Concur Breeze and Google Maps. It’s a feature that we added last year but felt this was a pretty good time to highlight it. Plus, it’s always a good time to help people find ways to keep their money where it belongs: their pockets.

With Google Maps united into Concur Breeze, you can easily submit your mileage to your expense report—and never have to leave Concur Breeze in order to figure out distances or routes. You can still manually enter in your mileage, of course. But if you prefer the speed and simplicity of having it done for you, you can set your starting point, add your destination (or more than one destination) and have the mileage calculator add it all up. Just hit the “Add Mileage to Expense” button and voila! your mileage is added to your expense report. When a certain leg of your trip is actually personal, you can even mark it that way and keep it separate from your work travel.

And administrators can ensure that the mileage submitted matches up to the actual distance traveled. (Also, if you are a Concur Premier user, this integration is available for you, too.)

If you or your coworkers travel with a smartphone or a tablet, you can also add mileage that way, too. This feature is brand new as of a month ago for iPhone, iPad and Android. Quickly add your mileage at the end of your trip to the cloud and submit your report right then and there. It’s a great way to get paid back even faster.


There’s so much to track on a day to day basis. Tracking your mileage should be one less thing you’ll need to worry about, right?

Reminder: The IRS may change the reimbursement rate annually. Be sure to update your reimbursement rate.  

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