Announcing Google Maps Integration for Concur Breeze!

How are you expensing mileage today? And what are you spending? We think these are relevant questions, especially since mileage expenses tend to account for a high percentage of total expenses within small businesses.

To dig deeper into these questions, we polled various users on how they enter mileage expenses today. The answer? Most users go through a rather lengthy, multi-step process that involves going to Google Maps, entering locations, multiplying that amount of miles by the IRS rate (which usually has to be looked-up on, and entering the results of that complicated calculation into a spreadsheet. And this scenario just applies to users who are diligent about reporting their mileage to the exact amount!

For many companies, mileage expenses are one of those areas of expense reporting that still provide a fair amount of “wiggle-room” regarding what an employee is able to report. This can result in a higher level of T&E fraud because users can enter any amount at all without any substantiation. As we’re hearing more and more in this "do more with less" economy, every bit of savings counts against the bottom line.

Now, Concur Breeze makes it easy to streamline this process. Concur Breeze already automatically uses the IRS default (and also allows you to enter your own mileage rate) to auto-calculate an employee’s mileage reimbursement. Now, with the addition of Google Maps integration to car mileage, it’s amazingly simple for any user to submit an accurate accounting of their miles driven – without ever having to even leave the expense report, while reducing the company’s exposure to fraud as full route details are now accessible through the map.

With the addition of Google Maps integration to car mileage, it is both quick and easy for users to calculate the distance driven:

  • The user can select start and end points, and waypoints in between, for each mileage expense.


  • The locations entered by the user are stored and can be accessed again using a Most Recently Used list.

But enough with the explanations, what you really want is to see a few screenshots, so let’s take a look.

The settings screen is where you setup your mileage rate:

When doing an expense report, users simply click the Mileage Calculator link to easily enter their route via Google Maps:

Users have full Google Maps functionality, including multiple waypoints, dragging and dropping the mapped route, and even marking segments as personal:

Stay tuned next month for updates on the latest and greatest coming out of Concur R&D! And we’d love to hear what you think. I encourage you to post your thoughts about this new enhancement to Say Breeze!

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