Google Maps Now Integrated with Concur Travel & Expense

With the addition of Google Maps integration to car mileage, it’s now amazingly simple for any user to submit an accurate accounting of their miles driven, while reducing the company’s exposure to fraud as full route details are now accessible through the map. With the addition of Google Maps integration to car mileage, it is both quick and easy for users to calculate the distance driven:

  • user can select start and end points, and waypoints in between, for each mileage expense


  • The locations entered by the user are stored and can be accessed again using a Most Recently Used list


  • Audit rules can identify when the mileage has been edited to exceed the calculated amount, and whether the commute distance has been deducted


  • The company can list Company Locations for the user to choose from


  • The user can input their home address into their profile so they can deduct their commute from mileage expenses

But enough with the explanations, what you really want is to see a few screenshots, so let’s take a look.

When the user starts entering text, the configured Company Locations and Most Recently Used addresses automatically appear.



The user can mark individual waypoints as Personal. This portion of their mileage is deducted from the reimbursable amount.

Plus, this new integration works anywhere Google Maps does. Which is pretty fantastic news, considering Google Maps works in over 80% of the world. And given the high cost of fuel and the stress of battling traffic out on the open road these days, those of us who log lots of miles while on the job need all the good news we can get! So whether you’re in North America, EMEA, APA or in other locations across the globe, if you use Concur’s Google Maps integration to help track your mileage, you now have one less thing to worry about.

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