Goodbye Intuit Sync Manager? Hello, help from Concur.

Wondering what to do now that Intuit has decided to discontinue the Sync Manager utility in QuickBooks Desktop? Concur’s got a simple plan to help you through it. (Sync Manager is the utility that currently connects QuickBooks Desktop to Concur in the cloud for many customers-it goes away March 1.)  


Why it’s happening

More than a year ago, Intuit announced it will be retiring the QuickBooks Desktop REST API, because the market is rapidly shifting to the online version of QuickBooks. As a consequence, the Intuit Sync Manager is also being discontinued, effective March 1, 2016. This affects Concur clients who use Sync Manager to move data between QuickBooks Desktop and Concur, in the cloud.  


What Concur is doing

Concur has developed a new connector for QuickBooks Desktop and an easy way to make the changeover.The functionality of the Connector will not change – customers will still be able to pass the same information between Concur and QuickBooks. The new QB Connector is available now.  


How will it work? As easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Process and post all existing reports from Concur into your QuickBooks file.
  2. Disconnect from your current connection with Concur.
  3. Connect to the new connector.

Detailed instructions are available here.





Important to get this right

Anyone who ignores this will find their QuickBooks Desktop/Concur sync will no longer work, and they will not be able to pull or post data between the two systems. That will be frustrating, to say the least. Please note that the Intuit change will not affect Concur customers who use QuickBooks online.

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