The Globe and Mail Finds Canadian Businesses Save Time and Money with Concur

While most Canadian businesses are still manually submitting and tracking their travel expenses, The Globe and Mail recently found some that are reaping big rewards from Concur’s integrated travel and expense management solution:

For many, expense reporting means collecting receipts and scribbling or typing amounts into paper forms or spreadsheets, all the while booking the next trip.

But at Zarlink Semiconductor Inc., an Ottawa high tech firm with 1,000 employees worldwide, all of that is forgotten. With automated software called Concur Travel & Expense, the hassle of expense reporting has fallen dramatically, says Naeem Ahmad, Zarlink’s global administrator for corporate travel.

Mary Gooderham, writing for The Globe and Mail, delves into the expense tracking process used by most Canadian companies and then examines how solutions like Concur save time and boost the bottom line. For companies in any country looking to cut costs, stay productive on the road and analyze their spending data for better negotiations with suppliers, a quick read over at The Globe and Mail is definitely in order. Check out the


Check out the full story here.


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