Giving Thanks This Holiday

Whether it’s the Harvest Festival in Britain, the Moon Festival in China, or Thanksgiving Day in the United States and Canada, a number of cultures around the world have a special day where they express their gratitude and thankfulness for friends and family. It’s no different here at Concur. We’ve been reflecting on what we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving and wanted to share some of the answers with you.


We're Thankful for Our Family

For most of us, Thanksgiving Day is not just a time of dinner plates piled high with turkey and mashed potatoes, but a time to reflect on what makes life special. Gayatri Shinde (pictured right), one of our software design engineers, says it best: “I am thankful for my lovely daughter, my family and friends. I am thankful for the goodness in mankind, as that gives me hope. The earth is a beautiful place and I am thankful for that. I am thankful to be working at Concur; I love the company!” For some like Tracey Masten in marketing, it’s a time to celebrate the people who help others: “I am thankful for my family (especially the new additions), friends, and the beautiful earth I live on. I’m also extremely thankful for those who serve others particularly those in the military, including my nephew-in-law in Afghanistan.”



We're Thankful for Our Health

While Thanksgiving conjures up memories of family traditions, of tables covered in food, of snowy days, and of football, it’s also a time to reflect on the importance of health. “I am thankful to be in good health and to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family,” says Kristen Dahl, our receptionist.

Terry Zhong (pictured left), a program manager here, echoes Kristen’s statement, saying “I am thankful for good health, love, peace and happiness that my family has been blessed by. I am thankful for my fun and honorable Concur extended family. And I am thankful for my beautiful 7-week old golden retriever.”



We're Thankful for Our Company

At Concur, we feel very blessed and have a lot to be grateful for. As software engineer Brian Lund (pictured right) says, “I'm thankful every day to enjoy the challenge of the work and support of my friends to push ourselves to great feats.” It’s a thought shared by software engineer Chris Svee: “I’m super thankful for my family, friends, the holiday season, and a job with great people in a fast paced fun environment at an outstanding company.” There’s a lot to give thanks for at Concur these days – a strong business, new partnerships and opportunities, great employees who lend us their creativity and passion, and most importantly our customers without whom none of this would be possible. William Arthur Ward said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” We’re grateful to all of you. Thank you everyone. Wherever you are this holiday, Happy Thanksgiving.

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