Getting Started: There's an API for That

Before you get started, it might help to explain how we got started developing APIs for Concur. Worldwide, 18,000 enterprises use our T&E solution. Our first development projects came from companies that wanted to build solutions for their customers using Concur, and Concur customers interested in new ways of using their own expense and travel data.

Business and product managers were trying to solve issues—such as how to submit travel expenses from a mobile device or how to manage travel compliance—and technical teams collaborated to map out scenarios, and the right set of APIs.

The result? Apps like TravelText, which allows travelers to text expenses and receipts to their Concur account, and borderFile, which automates the compliance process for U.S. domestic and international travel and provides a dashboard for Concur users.As business cases grew, so did our list of APIs.

Concur APIs, Sandbox, Sample Code

Today we have a rich set of APIs with documentation, sample code, a sandbox to help you jumpstart development, and reach 20M business travelers using Concur worldwide. We’ve also gathered some Q&As to cover the basics here.

How does Concur’s solution actually work?

Here’s a training toolkit that’s useful for learning about our solution:

What are the more commonly used APIs and why?

An extensive list of APIs has been developed based on partner and customer needs. For B2B scenarios, more popular APIs include:

  • Expense Reports: This API allows you to send and request Expense data, including reports and expense entries, for specified users.
  • Attendee List: This API allows clients to add, update or inactivate attendees at any time of day.
  • Itinerary: This API enables you to view and create travel-related events in the Concur Travel system.
  • Travel Profile: This API allows you to find the travel preferences and vendor loyalty information for Concur travelers.

For consumer applications, Itinerary is also one of the most popular APIs.

So, how’s your documentation?

Sarra is our documentation queen. She and the engineering team have created a castle of resources for you here:

What’s your data privacy policy?

Data privacy is of utmost importance. Our APIs are designed to be secure and usable, while respecting the privacy needs of our users. One way to allow users to learn what data will be accessed is with our OAuth “approve access” page. It gives full visibility to our users on the type of data they will share when they choose to use partner applications.

Do you do application testing?

Yes. We handle customer content and data with extreme care. For this reason, we require app readiness and app review before distribution.

Is it true that you and your team launched a Concur mini-man into space?


Is it true you’ll be at The Perfect Trip DevCon 2013?

Yes, and I look forward to meeting you there.

Have other development questions? Visit and our developer forums. And join us for The Perfect Trip DevCon 2013.

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