Getting Started: Building Apps for Hassle-free Business Travel

We’re about making travel easier. To that end, we’re constantly learning how to help businesses manage the trip experience with greater efficiency—from flight, hotel and car bookings to expenses, taxation and compliance requirements.

And we work hand-in-hand with partners and developers to deliver open APIs and a sandbox to test solutions that improve life on the road for 20 million business travelers using Concur. For example:


Apps for Trip Planning


For business trip preparation, companies can book flights, hotels and cars through Concur. But what about preparing travel paperwork? CIBTvisa integrates with Concur to alert business travelers about required documents—visas or passports—based on their itinerary. What if your flight’s cancelled? Apps like Migo give up-to-the-minute views of delayed and cancelled flights and a display of nearby airports.

Have a trip planning app?

  • Getting Started Resources: Learn what you can do with the Concur platform and visit our sandbox tutorial.
  • Relevant APIs: Get Trip Details—this enables you to view and create travel related events in the Concur Travel system.

Apps for the Road

On the road, unexpected issues can and will arise, such as language barriers and itinerary mix-ups. TripLingo offers a real-time translation service that automatically syncs with travel plans organized through Concur. TripIt “automagically” takes trip details and creates a master itinerary that’s there when travelers need it. While transportation services, like the Park ‘N Fly Network, give Concur users the ability to reserve and access corporate parking rates nationwide.

Have an app for the road?

  • Relevant APIs: Get Trip Details—this enables you to view and create travel related events in the Concur Travel system.

Apps for Expense Management

Business travel means receipts, receipts and more receipts. Concur automates expense reporting and apps that simplify the process provide much-needed relief. TravelText, for instance, enables travelers to text message receipts right into Concur’s system, and Blackspark’s borderFile links with Concur and automates the collection of travel data and the calculation of compliance metrics.

Have an expense-related solution?

  • Relevant APIs: Get Expense Reports—this allows you to send and request expense data for specified users; and Get Expense Report Entries—this allows you to GET and POST expense entries.

If you have a solution for any part of the business travel experience, learn what you can do with Concur’s platform, and meet me at the Perfect Trip DevCon, October 2, 2013.

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