GDSX and TRX Join the Concur Family

The travel ecosystem is made better through a connected open platform that creates transparency and opportunity for everyone involved. We have a vision for The Perfect Trip and believe that a travel ecosystem that works together through a connected and open platform can deliver on this vision to improve business travel for everyone. It is a vision that will be enabled and realized in partnership with market leaders in the corporate travel industry.

The news we shared this morning reinforces our commitment to serving the complete travel ecosystem, and to delivering on our promise to innovate on behalf of all of our customers, including our TMC partners and customers. So it should come as no surprise that we have made significant investments in the Concur T&E Cloud. It is a critical part of realizing our vision of a connected travel ecosystem for all constituencies – ranging from travelers and corporations to developers, suppliers and TMCs.

The Concur T&E Cloud has ambitious goals. It was created to link TMCs, travelers and suppliers together in an effortless model that creates unique value for every participant in the ecosystem. It must provide a framework through which the brightest minds in the world can deliver innovative apps and services that make our travel experience better. It will connect the travel community on a scale yet to be achieved.

We are off to a pretty compelling start. Today the Concur T&E Cloud connects more than 20 million business travelers to suppliers, TMCs and a wide range of applications. There are compelling apps like Yapta’s FareIQ, Visage MXP, Room77 and Taxi Magic that help you with a wide range of tasks from helping you get the best price on airline tickets to booking and paying for a taxi ride.The Concur T&E Cloud not only enables each of these great apps to serve you, but it also creates an opportunity for the apps to work collaboratively to serve you even better.

Why does today’s announcement matter? Integrating GDSX and TRX into the Concur T&E Cloud creates an important new bridge between TMCs and this growing community of users and their companies, and ensures that the TMC remains at the center of the managed corporate travel ecosystem. The combination will ultimately allow TMCs to efficiently and profitably service travelers, while bringing their own innovation and differentiation to the travel management ecosystem.

With the GBTA Convention coming up in a couple of weeks, it is a great time of year to be thinking about the future of our industry. Today’s news is the first of several significant announcements that we will share during GBTA that build on our stated desire to create a real partnership between Concur, TMCs, and the travel community. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you in San Diego.


Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors - Mr. Singh has served as Concur's Chief Executive Officer since 1996 and director since 1993, including serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors since September 1999. Mr. Singh currently serves on the boards of directors for CornerStone OnDemand, Cleartrip, Buuteeq and ModuMetal. In addition, Mr. Singh serves is a director at the Washington Roundatable, chairman of the GBTA Foundation, a director of the W Fund, and a member of the Advisory Board for the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. Prior to Concur, Mr. Singh served as the General Manager of the Contact Management Division at Symantec Corporation.

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