GBTA Spotlight on Transformation: Tell Your Story

Creativity, innovation and passion surround us – in our workplaces and our industry. There are people everywhere who see opportunities where others see limits.

You might be one of those forward-looking people yourself. If that’s you, we want to hear your story. It’s why we partnered with GBTA to develop the GBTA Spotlight on Transformation program. We want to find and highlight the best new ideas from around the globe.

So, what’s driving transformation? Ultimately, you are

Corporate travel managers know this better than most: the industry has experienced rapid changes thanks to technology. Those changes have transformed traveler behavior. And the economics of every corporate travel ecosystem has placed pressure on travel managers to do things differently.

Differently, yes. Yet, they still need to do what they’ve been doing all along, too. They still need to get the best value from suppliers. And juggle that with the need to create visibility in to spending. And, of course, balance it all together as they encourage company-wide policy compliance.

These are the kinds of corporate travel managers who are transforming business travel to make it better for business travelers – as well as for the business.

What does transformation look like? You tell us

I believe that innovation takes many shapes and sizes in our industry, whether it’s by looking at travel data in a whole new way or by making simple policy changes to deliver better outcomes. I’ve heard many of stories of corporate travel leaders who are inspired and energized, leaders who are armed with a wealth of new ideas to help lead the industry into the future. Now it’s time to share those stories.

In the next year, Concur and GBTA are in search of these leaders, these corporate travel innovators. All year long the GBTA Spotlight on Transformation program will highlight and share the activities of these people – their creative, groundbreaking ideas that are transforming the business travel industry.

If this sounds like you – or maybe you know someone who is actively working toward this – we want to showcase your story. Nomination details can be found on the GBTA Spotlight on Transformation page.

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