Gant Travel Gains Insight into Invisible Bookings to Better Support Business Travelers

From booking a trip to filing an expense report, Gant Travel — a travel management company (TMC) — has been committed to providing travelers with a simple end-to-end travel experience for over 80 years. Providing travelers with the ideal trip, coupled with their commitment to innovation; Gant continues to raise the customer service bar by leveraging technology.

“It’s not about going rogue or letting people do whatever they want,” explains Patrick Linnihan, President and CEO of Gant Travel Management. “It’s about knowing where people are, being able to support them when they need help, and also being able to capture spend.”

Gant Travel Management Case Study

Discover how Gant Travel Management switched to SAP Concur Solutions to better support their business travelers.   


5 benefits to capturing invisible spend data 

Historically, Gant employees had to manage multiple travel and expense tools that were not integrated. Coupled with the fact that supplier-direct bookings are now commonplace for business travelers, this made it difficult to accurately capture and track invisible spend data for their customers.

By implementing SAP Concur solutions, Gant serves their customers with a complete travel and expense platform for a more streamlined process for travelers. Simplifying business travel within one travel ecosystem benefits Gant customers in the following ways:

  1. Customization. TMCs strive to tailor travel programs to customers’ unique needs. With SAP Concur solutions including Concur® Travel and Concur® Expense, Gant can customize traveler preferences in a meaningful way. Linnihan explains, “To think that you’re going to nail a one-size-fits-all travel policy for every single traveler in a company is naïve.”
  2. Visibility. Gant uses Concur® TripLink to track open bookings and invisible spend to gain visibility into all travel data, including supplier-direct bookings, to make strategic decisions around travel programs, and in negotiating new partnerships and discounts.
  3. Duty of care. Linnihan says that TripLink does not enable travelers to go rogue. Instead, the tool gives Gant visibility into where all travelers are, no matter how and where they book travel, to support them and fulfill duty of care obligations.
  4. Ease of use. Gant aims to provide travelers with a seamless journey with tools that make the travel process effortless from beginning to end. Gant is able to provide travelers with an idea trip with a simplified, streamlined process all within one, integrated travel platform.
  5. Innovation. Gant continues to drive innovation in the travel space with unique programs and functionalities — including Airbnb for Work through Concur Travel, automation of travel transactions with Concur Compleat, and an enhanced virtual card program called Gant Strategic PayTM that leverages data from SAP Concur solutions that follow into Gant systems.

Gant’s customers want travel data insights for tracking spend, to fulfill duty of care, and negotiate rates and business travelers want an effortless process with self-service tools that help them be compliant. With SAP Concur solutions, Gant can serve their customers and make their wants a reality.

Download the full Gant Travel Management case study to learn more about the benefits of partnering with SAP Concur.

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