Reflections on our Strategic Priorities from Fusion 2010

Good evening from Fusion in Boca Raton, Florida. In Steve Singh’s Fusion keynote address today, he outlined the core strategic priorities for Concur, focusing on the global priorities of the company, which include investment in distribution, innovation and service excellence. By creating a platform that supports global requirements and leverages the capabilities of the corporate travel supply chain, we have the opportunity to completely transform how businesses manage travel and expenses.


Concur is expanding distribution capacity and enhancing content strategy via new global partnerships such as our new alliance with Amadeus. By making the Concur platform widely available through global partnering with the leaders in corporate travel, Concur is giving customers more choice and delivering enhanced value.


In 2009, Concur launched Concur® Mobile on three leading mobile platforms making life easier for the mobile workforce. As a power mobile user, I’m thrilled that Concur will continue to enhance and extend our mobile solutions to support a broad array of platforms including Android, and to leverage devices’ unique capabilities such as location awareness, notifications, directions, and navigation.

Service Excellence

One of our core values as a company is transparency. In order to provide great service to our customers and partners, we need to share information openly. It means that if customers want to communicate with us about their feelings via the tools they use to communicate about everything else in their lives like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, we ought to be there to listen. That’s why we’re using social networking to get feedback. In the end, it means information – good and bad – travels instantaneously, publicly, and openly. It’s not always accurate. It is not always clear. But it’s our job to grasp it, ask the questions necessary to understand it or correct it, and then act on it. And we will.

For the past two days, I’ve been taking Steve’s words to heart and actively listening to the feedback from all Fusion attendees. I’m energized by their enthusiasm and motivated to take the feedback and key learnings and put them to good use.

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