Fusion Live Questions – and Answers

Smart questions deserve intelligent answers. And during Fusion Live earlier this month, Concur’s Twitter feed and Facebook page were abuzz with client queries. We’ve compiled some of the most common questions that came out of Fusion Live, with answers from Concur’s President and COO Raj Singh:

Q: When will Concur Mobile 9.0 be available on the iPhone? – Jeannie Korte via Facebook

A: 9.0 for iPhone – we don’t know the exact date, but it’s right around the corner.


Check out Raj’s response at 6:45 on the Fusion Live broadcast.   Q:@Concur Open booking sounds great. What is timeline and next steps to make this happen at our company? #CF2013 – @pdemidovich via Twitter

A: Your Concur account manager and Concur sales person is happy to have this conversation with you and talk about the technology enablement that’s required in order to move that forward. The other part of it we need to engage in that discussion is your travel management company. And we’re having those discussions right now. But Pam, if you want to know what to do right away, your account manager is the best first step.



Check out Raj’s response at 7:10 on the Fusion Live broadcast.   Q: What are future plans for Concur and mobility? – Bryan Vauls via Facebook

A: Our plans are a fully featured app that is extraordinarily easy to use and can link to all the other mobile applications you currently use.



Check out Raj’s response at 8:00 on the Fusion Live broadcast.



Have a question still burning in your mind from Fusion? Ask us anything. We’ll do our best to get you a quick, thorough answer. Tweet us @Concur, add a comment below, or post a question on our Facebook page!


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