Is Fusion All Learning and No Play? No Way

Most people know about 10% of a software program’s entire capabilities. Whether or not that’s an accurate figure (75% of statistics are made up on the fly), most people would agree that they’d love the time and opportunity to learn more about their tools than what’s in the manual. Get the expert tip. The time-saving tricks. Develop as a professional.

What better way to learn as much as you can than by heading to a conference full of others just like you? People committed to learning, networking and searching for the recipe for success.

Fusion, our largest client conference, is designed to do just that. Whether you’re coming to learn or to network – or both – you’ll find opportunities to learn the ins and outs of the tools of your trade. It’s the chance to talk with other people who deal with the same issues, concerns, challenges and obstacles as you do.

If you’re on the fence about Fusion, we encourage you to dig a little deeper:

  1. Check out the Flickr stream and see what happened last year. You’ll get a sense of the people, the community and the activities.
  2. Join the community on Facebook to get the latest announcements and news. Curious if your account manager will be there? Want to know if a certain session is in the works? Ask questions, get answers.
  3. Watch this video on YouTube and hear from past attendees what they learned.
  4. Still need to convince your manager that going is worthwhile? Download the justification letter and promise that all year long you’ll point out what you learned.

Worried all shop talk and no play might be rather dull? We’ve got some fun planned, too.

  • This year, there’s no Vegas nightlife singing its siren song. Instead, it’s Mickey and Universal Studios waving you over to Orlando (Bonus: we’ve got discounts to entice you).
  • If you want to get your golf swing in shape, head out to the golf tournament.
  • Get out your 1980s songbook. There’s nothing quite like singing along to “Tainted Love” or “Trip-it, Trip-it Good” with the Spazmatics and hundreds of your fellow travel managers and finance team members.

Fusion is designed to be informative and fun, which is coincidentally the ideal way to grow as a professional. Our conference is essentially a company’s way of saying, “Hey, we’d like to invest in you.” It’s a vote of confidence in your abilities, your interests, and oftentimes, your passion. Take advantage of this professional development opportunity and sign up for Fusion today!

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