Fusion 2017: The Power of You

Every year we bring customers and partners together from all over the world for Concur Fusion, our annual client conference. On March 15th, we welcomed thousands of attendees to Chicago to participate in a wide-range of educational sessions, product training and networking events. Attendees gained valuable insights from peers, Concur experts and specialists in the travel, expense and invoice management industries. I grew up in Chicago so, for me, it felt like going home — even in the midst of a snow storm. 


The theme of Fusion this year was the Power of You. We know our customers and partners care deeply about what they do and play important roles in their businesses, so our focus was on showing them what we are doing to assist them in amplifying their power, while enabling them to accomplish more.  We understand the complexities of today’s environment as globalization and consumerization are driving competition and changing user expectations. We believe that although complexities are greater, they also create opportunity. We want to be the trusted partner throughout our customers’ journey as they embrace change and take their businesses to the next level. We strive to accomplish this through three focus areas that we shared during Fusion:


Expertise Our Clients Won’t Outgrow

With over 36,000 customers and 45 million users across 150+ countries, we have helped more businesses, representing every possible size, industry and geography, in our space, than anyone else in the world. This gives us a unique window into optimal processes, systems and workflows that nobody else can match. Our goal is to grow with customers as their businesses evolve. This involves harnessing the power of the cloud to get more value out of our solutions today and in the future. 


Innovation That Benefits Our Clients

Our passion for a better way drives breakthrough innovation that benefits customers and keeps their businesses out in front. We will continue driving innovation around the world to optimize and create efficiency in every process we touch. Our guiding principle is to always design with our customers’ best interest in mind; products that are both user-friendly and business-ready. This is innovation on a continuum; the value customers get from our services increases over time.


An Open Ecosystem That Expands Their View

We understand that execution of our vision takes an ecosystem, a network of partners that innovate to solve for a wide range of industry challenges. These innovations surpass what could traditionally be reached in unique areas such as regulation, industry or back-office specific environments. These partnerships enable us to connect your spend and partner data to reveal powerful insights that empower you to run your businesses better and enhance user experiences. We know that continued investments in our open platform and partnerships throughout the world are critical for us to continue providing value and be an effective platform for our customers. 


Through this journey we will be with our customers every step of the way, working with them to harness the power of the cloud. Our opportunity to innovate and take the industry to the next level, together, is limitless — this is the Power of You.

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