Fraud Prevention: Download the Free e-Book

Fighting fraud is a tricky topic, particularly when it comes to business travel. Sure, many employees don’t think twice about adding in a few extra expenses here and there. But expense report fraud actually accounts for 14.5 percent of all occupational scams and it results in a median loss of $26,000 in each instance. Plus, scams take an average of 18 months to uncover, not to mention all the time, energy and trust lost in the process.

So what can you do to prevent expense fraud?

Our new e-book, Fighting Fraud, walks through the necessary steps, from how to identify fraud to communicating with employees about it. Both Concur and travel industry experts have contributed their top tips for effectively planning for or dealing with expense report fraud.

From automation solutions to policy checklists, Fighting Fraud is a simple guide to help you prevent padded expense reports in organizations large and small.

Download the Fighting Fraud e-book for free!


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