Four billion miles—but who's counting?

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016, the largest event of its kind, was its best year yet! CES could really be called the Connected Electronics Show, since “connectedness” was clearly the unofficial event theme. Whether it was smart home innovation, automotive technology, or fitness and healthcare gadgets—the focus was on connection!


Concur at CES 2016

In 2015, Concur helped customers track and expense 4 billion miles driven for work or during business travel. These 4 billion miles roughly translatesto $2.3 billion dollars paid out to Concur travelers by their employers—our customers. Can you imagine the complexity of a system designed to track, process and maintain accurate data while managing the expense process of this many miles? For thousands of customers and millions of travelers? Thankfully, we live in a connected world that is powered by platforms. When these platforms talk to each other, efficiency flowsboth horizontally and vertically.


business travel mileage expensed and reimbursed through Concur


This connected world was on full display at CES with Concur and Ford Motor Company. This year, Concur announced Trace Trace, now part of the Ford Sync 3 family of apps, is a mobile app that instantly connects with your Ford Sync system to track, log and expense business travel mileage from your car. We built the Trace prototype at the Ford Developer Conference and App Pursuit Hackathon last fall, then partnering with Ford to create the Trace app that we demonstrated at CES. The latest version is simpler, better designed, and more seamlessly connected.


Trace mileage tracking app in Ford vehicles


Next steps

Our mission is to develop an expense report that writes itself. This integration with Ford vehicles brings us one step closer to realizing that vision. The functionality offered by the Trace app will cumulatively save our users tens of thousands of hours, improve accuracy of data and reduce audit time for our customers—all by connecting platforms and enabling new solutions. The results are increased efficiency and reduced costs for our customers, including improved traveler satisfaction.


We anticipate more integrations with other car makers in the future. And, if you want to have something similar today that works on other, older and non-Ford cars, check out our partner solution brought to you by Automatic.


Trace is just one of the concepts being pioneered by Concur Labs. Concur Labs—which also was announced at CES—is a new team at Concur, chartered with pioneering integrations and prototypes with the sole mission of improving life for our customers and end users. Learn about other Concur Labs concepts here.


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