Focusing on what matters at Fusion 2015

What matters most? If we were to ask that question to each of our clients and partners attending our 12th annual Concur Fusion event this week, we would get 1,700 unique and compelling answers. Every organization -- large, medium or small -- has its own north star, its own vital mission to fulfill. For the Red Cross, it’s providing compassionate care to those in need. At General Mills, what matters most is delivering food products that make life healthier for people across the globe. And for ALPS Corporation, what’s paramount is providing the best possible products and services for the legal community they serve.  

Not a single customer of ours would say that what matters most to them is delivering the perfect expense report, the perfect invoice or the perfect trip. That’s our mission and what our customers look to us to do. That’s what matters most to 4,800 Concur employees day in and day out, because if we’re successful, we make it a little easier for our customer and partner organizations to achieve their big goals and dreams.  

This week, we’re in San Francisco to talk about where we are on that journey together. We’re here to share what Concur is doing to make things simpler for business travelers, for finance managers and for security officers as well. We’re here to listen to customer feedback and ideas and to share inspiring stories about innovation.  

And there are many of those inspiring stories, making it really challenging for our team to select this year’s Innovation Award winners. We will issue awards on Wednesday evening to six customers using Concur products in innovative ways, helping their organizations focus on what matters most. We’ll also hear from these customers during a main stage panel on Thursday morning. We’re excited to share what matters most to them.  

A few months ago, I was honored to begin my new role as President of Concur. Over the past 17 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work in several capacities across a variety of functions at Concur, including the product organization, sales, marketing, and most recently, our team that serves small and medium-sized businesses. In my SMB role, I got very close to customers and learned quickly how much every dollar (and pound, Euro, yen) and every second matter. That perspective is shared by every Concur employee and forms the foundation for everything we do.  

I am joined at Fusion by several of my colleagues, including Concur veterans Steve Singh and Barry Padgett, and a number of folks who have come on board more recently. We’re enthusiastic about what we’ve achieved over the last 21 years. There are 27 million people using Concur solutions; 3,500 TripLink customers and 23 Preferred Partner TMCs. This growth tells us we’re creating products that people all around the world find essential. But the road ahead excites us even more.  

We’re making progress against our goals and vision for the perfect trip and are pleased to announce even more partnerships and progress this week. We have been talking about our efforts to create an expense report that writes itself. From hotel itemization to the attendee list for lunch, even the last holdouts for data entry are finally going away.  

We also know that the best experiences include solutions and services that power the T&E landscape and spend management overall – and aren’t necessarily delivered by Concur. We’ve seen tremendous growth in the adoption of our partner solutions over the past year: 25,000 users have connected to “Apps for Me,” and enterprise app usage has increased 200 percent. An important part of Fusion will be showcasing partner innovation and the value these solutions bring to our clients.  

In the spirit of empowering all of us to bring hope to those in need, we have also had the opportunity this week to put together emergency preparedness kits with our client and friend, the American Red Cross. Our goal was to pack and donate 1,000 kits, which will help ensure families have vital and life-saving resources when disaster strikes. I am pleased to say that today, on just the second day of Fusion, we have met that goal. It’s an honor and our privilege to provide comfort during a family's time of need. I hope you were able to join us in this effort.  

Welcome to Fusion 2015. It’s a busy week and we hope a valuable one for every participant. I look forward to seeing and speaking with many more of you throughout the week.

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