Focus On the How and Now: National Small Business Week Highlight on Self-Help

This post is part of our National Small Business Week celebration series where we spotlight some of the small businesses around the U.S. and find out their productivity and efficiency tips.


To conclude our National Small Business Week customer spotlights, it’s our pleasure today to introduce you to Merald Holloway, Vice President and Director of Administrative Services at Self-Help.



Founded in 1980, the nonprofit Center for Community Self-Help (or Self-Help) combines several organizations that together provide financing, technical support, consumer financial services and advocacy for those left out of the economic mainstream. The organization has reached out particularly to female, low-income, low-wealth, rural and minority communities across North Carolina, Washington D.C., California and many other states.



Here are a few tips from Merald:



1. The best business advice I’ve ever received is that nobody gets fired from a job, you fire yourself by not trying.



2. My favorite book to read during the summer is “The Book of Basketball” by Bill Simmons. It is a must read for anybody who grew up a sports fan in the 1980’s.



3. When I’m looking for ways to make my company more efficient, I turn to my own expertise! I’m the best there is — just kidding. Using best practices from our other offices, as well as some things I learned from working at UNC investments always help me with efficiency.



4. I work best when I have Radiohead’s Kid A playing in the background and my office is clutter free.



5. I love what I do because I get to connect to our organization in many ways. I value relationships, which in turn make us the great organization we are today.



6. The greatest invention in the past 20 years that helps small businesses is the Microsoft Office Suite of products (Word, Outlook, SharePoint, Excel). Who could survive without these?



7. One piece of technology that I could not live without is a tie between my iPhone and my DVR.



8. I simplify my life by focusing on the how and the now instead of the “how come” and “why now”.



9. If I could have one superpower, it would be invisibility. (Can you see me now?)



10. One day I hope to be able to work for the POTUS or to be the general manager for an NFL or NBA franchise.



Self_helpSelf-Help and Merald are examples of everything we love about National Small Business Week — helping individuals achieve their very best in business, no matter if just beginning their small business or need help along the way.

How do you help other small businesses in your area? For help with your small business, connect with us here or on our social networks.


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