Focus on Expense Fraud: Download the Free e-Book

Some call it “padding” the expense report. A few extra dollars here and there for mileage, food or gas. Who’s going to pay attention? Well, a lot of smart companies are catching on. And at Concur, we want to help by sharing our expertise on detecting and doing something about fraudulent activity – from a few dollars to a few thousand – in our new e-book, “Solution Spotlight: Expense Fraud.” This free e-book will help you identify and prevent fraud. It also provides tips on how to confront employees and offers tools for organizations of any size to help combat “padding.” Download the e-book now.





  • What Is It and How Does it Affect Your Company?
  • You’ve Uncovered Fraud – Now What?
  • How to Confront an Employee
  • Two Tips for Writing Your Corporate Expense Policy
  • Fitting Your Expense Policy with Your Company Culture
  • Using the Power of Your Smartphone
  • Auditing Services Enable Fraud Prevention
  • Preventing Fraud with Automation
  • The Concur Audit Solution

Page Count: 30

Format: PDF File Size: 1.3 megabytes Click here to download the e-book.

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