Five Usability Improvements for Invoice

With the September release, Invoice users will enjoy five enhancements that provide improved functionality in Expense Types, Payment Requests, PO Search, and PO Matching.

1. Edit Expense Type fields for multiple payment request line items 

Now you will be able to edit the Expense Types field for up to 50 payment request line items at a time. When you select more than one line item and click the Edit button in the Itemization Summary section of the opened payment request, an Edit Multiple Fields dialog box appears where your can edit the Expense Types field.

2. Assign payment requests from the Actions menu 

If you've been assigned unsubmitted payment requests incorrectly, you can now reassign them without having to open the requests, by clicking the Assign option in the Actions menu. 

3. Access (your own) deleted payment requests 

Now you can access any deleted payment request you own by clicking Invoice > Manage Requests > My Requests and selecting the Deleted Requests option in the View menu. Deleted payment requests (deleted by the owner or someone else) also can be retrieved if you right-click the deleted payment request and select the Restore Request option.

In addition, you will see a new option, Restore Request, when you right-click a payment request in the deleted payment request list.

4. Have more options for searching purchase orders

You are now able to use a wider range of search criteria when you search for purchase orders from which to create payment requests. You will see a new field called Purchase Order Search from which to search for purchase orders.

You can search for purchase orders by:

  • vendor, 
  • purchase order amount, or 
  • purchase order number
  • wildcards can be used in place of values within a string to receive results for any value 

The search field is a contained search, so you are not required to enter the prefix to search for a specific PO number. 

5. Handle 200+ line POs more easily

For purchase orders that have more than 200 lines, Invoice now presents only the first 200 unmatched purchase order lines in the Matching Summary tab. Invoice will load any lines that are matched to current invoices on the screen and the next 200 unmatched lines.

In addition, a new line search field will be available on the Matching Summary tab where users can perform a contained search, for example, for a line item number, description, or a supplier part number. The line search field will also be available in the Copy Items from PO window, which is accessed from the Matching Summary tab.

On the Matching Summary tab, you will now see a new list, Go to line, where you can select the Line Number, Description, or Supplier Part ID option, and then enter desired search criteria in the search field.

In addition, the Go to line list is available in the Copy Items from PO window by clicking the link with the same name. Users can select the Line Number or Description option in the list.

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