Find Your Solution at Fusion 2012's Connector Showcase

What one person can imagine, another can make real. It’s how innovations come to life. It’s also the basis for how our Concur Connect Platform works. At Concur, we recognize we can’t build a solution for every challenge we come across. But we can connect our clients with people who can.

The Concur Connect Platform is basically a pathway that enables tricky business problems to be solved by clever developers. Innovation, meet synergy.  With the Concur Connect Platform, clients get their business needs met, solution providers and travel suppliers have a market for their wares and Concur’s solutions become even more useful for our clients.

This year at Fusion, you can learn more about what’s coming soon at the Concur Connector Showcase.

What’s a connector? Connectors help one system talk with another. They allow our products and solutions to work with someone else’s, and vice versa.

Jessica Pankov, product marketing manager for the Concur Connect Platform, has developed a session at Fusion highlighting a wide-range of connectors for clients. Here are two of the many more that partners will present in detail at the Connector Showcase:

  • Ricoh Copier connector. With a simple “Send to Concur” button added to a Ricoh multi-function scanner, people can scan their receipts and have them attach right to an expense report.
  • Salesforce connector: The integration enables companies to see exactly how much they spend chasing opportunities. Employees can also track the business meals and entertainment costs of their Salesforce contacts.

Other connectors that Pankov is especially excited about sharing with attendees at her session? One developed by AdvantageMS to help pharmaceutical and medical device companies with legislation requiring them to report any money spent marketing to doctors. This connector enables clients to add attendees directly from AdvantageMS’s live database of over six million practitioners. Better tracking, richer and more accurate data – and best of all, an end to duplicate information.

“I learn what people are struggling with and what their needs are and then we seek partners that can help ease those challenges. The reporting implications with the Sunshine Act are a great example,” Pankov says. “Fusion is really about helping people find ways to do things easier and better.”

Expect to come and learn at Fusion, but also keep a lookout for opportunities to work with partners around the specialized integration your company has been seeking. You might just find a solution at the Connector Showcase.

There’s still time to register for Fusion, Concur’s premier client event with a discounted registration fee! Join us May 8-11 in Orlando. 

Want to learn more about Concur Connect? Discover more about opportunities for Concur clients and solution providers.

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