Find A Flexible Workspace

With today’s mobile technology, we now have the freedom to unchain ourselves from our desks. But, when you travel a ton for business, how do you find a quiet place to work?

Here are our favorite tips for finding a flexible, quiet workspace while you are on the go:

Use multiple devices
Maximize your time and space by leaving your desktop computer and your heavy laptop at your office and leverage the flexibility of your lightweight mobile device(s). Many smartphones and tablets will do just about everything that your desktop or laptop will do with the added bonus of being easy to carry and simple to connect to WiFi and/or 4G. Add on a bluetooth keyboard to your tablet and you’re set to work anywhere!

Store your documents in the cloud
Just like Concur stores all of your travel and expenses in the cloud, you can access your documents anywhere by storing them in the cloud. Plus, you can share the documents with your co-workers all from your primary machine, laptop, smartphone and/or your tablet. Check out cloud storage solutions like and Dropbox for a simple, straightforward virtual hard drive. You might even already have cloud storage in the programs you currently use, such as Microsoft’s Office 365, Google (Docs and Gmail) and Intuit’s Online Plus programs.

Find a great hot spot
Locating a fast and free WiFi network while you are on the go is like finding a pot of gold! We know they exist, but they are not always that easy to find. Here are some tips on how to locate free WiFi: Download an app to help you locate free WiFi near you. Appolicious has a great list here. Use the free WiFi at the local public library, a restaurant, a cafe, a hotel or the airport. Barnes and Noble, McDonald’s, Starbuck’s and most independent coffee shops will offer free WiFi. Plus, many hotel lobbies will also offer free WiFi — Marriott and Starwood Hotels to name a few.That being said, please be aware that not all airports or hotels offer free Wi-Fi, so do your research before you book.

Looking for more tips? Check out some more great tips from Lifehacker.

Join a flexible workspace
Need somewhere quiet to work where you can focus on business, not logistics? Join a flexible work center — like Regus. With over 1500 global locations, Regus has everything you could need to work efficiently while you are away from home — including, refreshments, a speedy business-class WiFi network, admin support, meeting and videoconferencing rooms or just a quiet space to grab a cup of coffee.

We’d love to hear all about where you work when you are on the go in the comments below.

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