Expense Tracking on Your Mobile Phone

Where did that receipt go? You invited a client out to dinner, grabbed the receipt, tucked it in a safe place. But now that you’re ready to do your expense report, you can’t find that pesky receipt anywhere...and your company really, really needs that receipt to manage and track expenses. We’ve had those moments, and those lost receipts, too. That’s why we looked to the device that we’re already carrying around with us everyday to help out: our smartphones. Now managing expenses can be done as quickly as snapping a picture.


With Mobile, Expense Management is Done Anytime. Anywhere.


Whether you work at a small business or a big one, the adaptability and portability of Concur for smartphones means that you can manage expenses anytime. Anywhere. Sitting in the airport? Leaving the restaurant? Heading to the office supply store? No problem.


Using Your Mobile for Expense Tracking


Concur for smartphones is available to you if your company uses Concur Expense (or Concur Travel & Expense) for larger organizations or Concur Breeze for smaller ones. No matter the size of your company, both users enjoy the same mobile expense management benefits: the ability to enter expenses, attach receipts, submit an expense report and approve an expense report right from your smartphone.


Using Your Mobile for Travel Management


Now, mobile workers can view trips, get 1-touch directions, reserve a hotel, car, or taxi, and obtain helpful information about airports, flight status and public transportation from around the world.

Here’s How to Download the App

Regardless of whether you or your employees have different phones, mobile expense management is a click away. Concur for smartphones is available for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android. The application is free and getting started takes less than 10 minutes. When you log in, the app figures out who you are and knows whether to present Concur Travel and Expense or Concur Breeze on your phone, depending on what your company uses.


Getting Started with Concur Travel and Expense


1. Concur Travel & Expense users should open the Concur Home page in a browser.

2. Click on Profile then Mobile Registration.

3. Create and confirm a mobile PIN.



4. Follow the instructions for downloading the application.

5. After downloading the application, log into the mobile application on your phone using your Concur User Name/Email Address and mobile PIN. If you are unsure of your Concur User Name, go back to the Mobile Registration page where you will find your User Name in the first paragraph.

6. Now you can start managing and tracking expenses with ease.


Getting Started with Concur Small Business


1.Concur Small Business users should sign in at the Breeze home page. 2.Then click on My Account. 3.Click on Mobile PIN. 4.Create and confirm a mobile PIN and follow the instructions for downloading the application. 5.After downloading the application, log into the mobile application using your Concur Small Business User Name/Email Address and mobile PIN. 6.You’ll be able to start managing expenses right away. We think you’ll find Concur for smartphones an easy way to manage your expense reports. Plus, it’s adaptable to your business. We also think it’ll help you save time: you’ll never have to spend an hour trying to track down a missing receipt again.

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