Adults Say the Darndest Things about Expenses

You wouldn't think something as "adult" as expense reporting would be capable of invoking emotion in professional grown-ups, right? Well, you'd be surprised.


A standing ovation for expenses?


Sid Katari, CFO of Innovation Award Winner Oribe Hair Care, recently told us the story of when the Oribe sales team was introduced to its new expense management solution at a sales gathering in Miami, FL. Sid tells it best:

We brought all the sales people in for training and part of it was a presentation on the Concur platform given by my VP of Finance, who was spearheading the implementation. He went through the process, showed the screen shots, walked through it in a live active platform and when It got to the point where the reimbursement was direct deposit within 2-3 days, people started clapping and cheering. At the end of the presentation, they actually stood up and gave him a standing ovation.

Good story, Sid – standing ovation for you, too.  

So how do folks on social media who have not upgraded to automated expense reporting feel about expenses?

@bonnieleab That must be one unappetizing expense reporting process. travis wright So you’re saying it would be easier to do expenses as you incur them with a mobile app, @teedubya? Then maybe you wouldn’t say “BAH!”, or that other word. @JimTrotter_nfl Don’t think for a second @JimTrotter_NFL isn’t serious. #serioustweetnoted @jaffbercovici Sage advice courtesy of @jeffbercovici @randomsubu Sounds like @jdickerson is contemplating a highly risky, highly illegal career move just to avoid expenses. @wtfhuman We’ve heard similar stories countless times, @wtfhuman. Bosses hate expenses, too, which is why they delay it for months if they don’t have the right expense tracking tools. Next up: errors, questions and an angry back and forth with the finance department. @thatdentgirl  

What was manual expense reporting like for you?

This is the question we asked Dean Haverstraw, Director of IT for Samson, a Concur client. Here’s a snippet of his response:

It was only a couple years ago but it feels like it was back in the stone ages. It was like we were cavemen working with primitive tools, especially in the back office, in IT and payables. It was a painful process. It took a lot of work.

For management it was like peering into a cave with a torch and trying to figure out where we’ve been, what we’ve spent. For the executives, sales people and engineers who do the traveling, it was like the dark ages because that expense report was like the Black Death. It was literally like it was going to kill them or they were going to kill us.

So what’s it like now, Dean?

I feel like I’m a technology ninja. Now we’re actually saying, “Hey, look how we can make this better, more efficient.” We have a happier workforce that does better work.

We’re happy to report no humans were harmed in the making of this success story.


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The road to expense report hell is paved with good-intended spreadsheets. Luckily there’s a brighter path, and it starts with expense management software. @jeffrubenstein

Expense Report Hell: Worst. Game. Ever.

And now a play-by-play from someone who just finished playing ‘Expense Report Hell.’ Apparently you have to not only beat your expenses, but also Patrick Swayze to win this game. @rbin





Okay, we’ve got to see this photo. instgram



Yep, that’s about what we thought it would look like. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just use your smartphone camera and mobile app to eliminate all that paper and make expenses a snap? Like these people… joanne Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… whoa! You enjoy doing your expenses? @theartofbeer And we thoroughly enjoy hearing that, @TheArtofBeer.



When it comes to employee satisfaction, operational efficiency and saving money, your expense reporting solution can make all the difference. It’s the darndest thing.

What are the adults at your company saying about expenses? Find out how you can get them to think happier thoughts and say nicer things. Start your free Concur test drive today.





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