The Selfies of Automated Expense Reporting

Have you ever seen a sad selfie? It's a rare sight, for sure. Selfies are all about capturing happy times and momentous occasions when no one else is around to capture them for you. And thanks to the meteoric rise of smartphone cameras, these joyous times are now shared instantly by the masses on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Here are seven happy selfies you'll only see from people with expense management software.


The "Look mom, no receipts" selfie

Look Ma No Receipts! Before automated expense reporting, Jess would be writing notes on her restaurant receipt before including it with the stack of other receipts. Now she just snaps a photo of the receipt and uploads it to her expense report. It’s quick. It’s clean. And as you can see from Jess's face, it’s kind of fun.  

The "Outta here by five o' clock on the last day of the month" selfie

5 o clock selfie_1


For Jen and her finance department colleagues, the end of the month used to mean late nights loaded with stress. Now, armed with expense management software, Jen laughs at the last day and celebrates by leaving a few minutes early.  


The "I don't need to head back to the office to do expenses" selfie

Family Selfie_1 Cindy just submitted her full expense report in less than ten minutes after her last sales call. No need to head back to the office to sort out the paper jungle. Now Cindy can head straight home and start her weekend on time.  

The "Yes! My expense report was approved on the first submission" selfie

Celebrating! 2 With manual expense reporting, Kat almost always had to fix errors and re-submit her expense report, often multiple times. It was a demoralizing productivity killer. But that was then, this is now.  

The "Just got reimbursed in 3 days" selfie

Money! No more waiting multiple weeks to get reimbursed. Approvals and reimbursements happen quickly now, and Kat has the cash to prove it.




The "That used to take me hours" selfie

Approved! Imagine one of your least favorite tasks becoming significantly easier and less time consuming. You’d be smiling just like Chad, right?  

The "Just completed my expenses from here" selfie

bathroom_selfie Don’t act like you don’t use your phone in there, too. With Concur mobile, you can knock out expenses whenever, wherever you have a few minutes available.


Can you picture yourself with expense management software? Start your free Concur test drive today and share your own automated #ConcurSelfie with us on Twitter at @Concur.


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