Efficient Business Process or Three-Ring Circus? Take the Expense Management Quiz

At Concur, we've seen expense management in all its various forms. You've got your highly efficient processes, your not-quite-there-yet processes, and of course your completely clueless processes. The fun part is turning all the completely clueless processes into the highly efficient variety.

So how does your company fare when it comes to expense management?

Take our expense management quiz and see for yourself.

Here's how it works: Pick the numbered option (1 - 3) that best describes the situation at your company. At the end of the quiz, add up your score to see where your company lands on the expense management competence continuum.

Expense Management Quiz

How much do you rely on spreadsheets for expense management?

  1. Not at all. We're completely paperless.
  2. We use a combination of software and spreadsheets.
  3. Wait, you're telling me it's possible to do expenses without a spreadsheet and a stack of receipts?

If I wanted a breakdown of lodging expenses sorted by hotel name and cost per stay compared with days booked in advance, how long would it take to generate this report?

  1. Give me a sec - pulling it up now.
  2. I might be able to generate that report, but let me do some digging to see if it's possible and some time to compile everything.
  3. I quit my job as of right now.

Upon submitting an expense report, how quickly can employees expect to be reimbursed?

  1. About two to five days.
  2. A week or two.
  3. I’ll let you know once I get reimbursed for my last expense report.

How much transaction data is captured automatically, with line-item details uploaded to the appropriate expense reports?

  1. Nearly all of it. We have almost zero paper or manual entry related to expense management.
  2. Some credit card information and a few vendors are captured automatically; however, manual processes remain for many vendors and we still have to route most line-item details.
  3. We order paper by the pallet and keyboards by the dozen.

How would you describe your current expense management process in terms of mobility?

  1. Our employees can submit reports, approve reports, gain insights, access partner networks, and get real-time policy feedback from anywhere, at any time.
  2. We have access to some expense-related information via mobile, but are currently unable to manage all aspects of expenses via mobile.
  3. My stack of paper receipts and docs is getting thicker, but it’s still light enough to carry around.

How easy is it to adhere to the rules of your travel and expense policy?

  1. It’s simple. Employees instantly see claims that are out of policy and receive real-time policy feedback. The system enforces rules and helps employees make the correct choices.
  2. Our policy can be pulled up on a mobile phone if someone really needs to read through it.
  3. Everyone got the policy in their welcome packet. Apparently people aren’t very good at learning and following rules around here.

How would you describe the relationship between expense report-submitting employees and the finance department?

  1. Everything seems ship-shape. No problems that I’m aware of.
  2. Most people try to be civil but there’s definitely tension.
  3. Sales and finance openly talk smack about each other, and they’re both miserable when collaboration is needed to resolve errors.

How much visibility does mid and upper-level management have into expenses?

  1. Easy adoption has led to compliance, meaning management has excellent insight into spend.
  2. They technically have real-time visibility but numbers are always changing as numbers are entered and outstanding reports are added.
  3. It’s a complete guessing game, and we’re horrible guessers.

Now, add up your score. So how did you fare?

(8 - 9) Congratulations, you've got yourself a highly efficient expense management process.

(10 - 15) You've got some work to do. The good news is there are some excellent opportunities to make your expense management process even better.

(16 - 24) Turn down the circus music and contact Concur immediately for your free test drive.


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