Expense Assistant for Standard Edition

Expense Assistant has the following features:

  • The feature is enabled by default for the company, but can be turned off at the company level to block access for all users. If the company allows access to Expense Assistant, each individual user will be allowed to opt in to use this feature.
  • If there are any expenses in the Available Expenses area, Expense Assistant will automatically add them to an expense report.
  • Expense Assistant will not add expenses to a returned expense report. The exception is when a returned report includes a transaction that now matches an expense in the Available Expenses area. For example, if the returned report contains an ExpenseIt expense, and a credit card transaction that matches that expense is in the Available Expenses area, when the report is returned, Expense Assistant will combine the ExpenseIt transaction with the credit card transaction.
  • When the user opens an expense report, any transactions added by Expense Assistant since the user last viewed the report will be formatted in bold. The bolding will be removed when the user opens and views that particular expense.
  • Expense Assistant sends a summary email of all the activity that happened in the expense report to the user once a week.

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